Better Conversations
Better Synergy
Better Results

As a people manager, you already know how important it is to have a motivated team. But do you know what motivates each member of your team? And how well they are currently motivated? Do you know what you can do to create an environment which enables individuals to take responsibility for their motivation?

Motivation Maps provides:

  • Mapping Motivation

    a common language around motivation

  • Mapping Motivation

    easy-to-read profiles on what motivates each member of your team

  • Mapping Motivation

    measurement to show how well each Motivator is currently being met

  • Mapping Motivation

    ideas on how to maximise motivation in your team

And - good news - by placing the power of Motivational Maps in the hands of every team member, employees feel empowered to take action for themselves.

With Team Maps, teams can easily share information about their drivers – what they need and want from each other – and be clear about what demotivates them. This awareness leads to higher levels of motivation and, ultimately, more successful teams.

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Why is motivation so important when developing teams?

Our experience is that focusing on motivation and using Motivational Maps leads to:

Better conversations, better solutions

How much goes unsaid in a team? Presumptions are made why people do what they do. Conversations can become task focused and lack connection.

Motivational Maps enable a team to uncover and discover a new layer of self-awareness. This develops trust – an essential building block in team development. From trust, healthy debate emerges and better solutions discussed.

Better team understanding, better synergy

When a team share a common language around motivation they are better able to harness the energy that exists in the team, create new energy and direct this to a common outcome.

Better outcomes, better results

Motivational Maps helps individuals to understand their own motivation and how to increase the extent to which their motivators are being met.

When people are motivated, they are more resourceful, finding ways to overcome challenges and conflict. They become solution-seekers and value creators. They take even greater responsibility for their own results, aspirations – at work and in life.

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Results you can expect in using Motivational Maps


Increased performance through improved wellbeing and feeling valued


Improved communication and reduced conflict due to shared common language


Increased synergy resulting from team members understanding and harnessing the motivations that drive team success


More meaningful and relatable communications about change


Better performance management discussions due to a more holistic, human-centred approach


Behavioural change ‘sticks’ as people understand what is driving their actions in the first place


Greater ownership of learning as people know what success looks like to them and what drives this success.


Increased levels of motivation as people identify how to have their motivations met at work

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