L&D Professionals – add Motivational Maps to your toolkit

We provide online Accreditations to enable individuals to become Motivational Maps Practitioners (or ‘Mappers’ as we like to call them).

Are Maps right for you?

  • Mapping Motivation

    Do you know intuitively that motivation is a key component of performance but don’t (yet) have a robust way to measure and maximise the motivation of the individuals, teams and organisations you work with?

  • Mapping Motivation

    Are you familiar with / already use other tools such as Insights Discovery®, Myers-Briggs®, Belbin Team Roles® or DISC® and want to leverage these tools further?

  • Mapping Motivation

    Are you looking for ways to get to insight and outcome quickly by diagnosing the enablers and derailers to success?

  • Mapping Motivation

    Do you want to use a different way to build trust in a team – one which looks at motives, builds greater responsibility for self and which aligns people behind a common purpose?

  • Mapping Motivation

    Are you looking for new, better or different ways to support your people, engagement and culture strategies – or those of your clients?

If ‘yes’, Motivational Maps could be for you.

Find out more about what the Maps contain and how we use them (a 7-minute watch so grab a quick coffee!)

Where Maps make a measurable difference

Maps help solve real business challenges and improve the human experience of work.  Motivational Maps are flexible and can be used as part of individual coaching programmes, team or leadership development or as part of a holistic solution to Organisational Development.

You might choose to simply become a Mapper and plug the easy-to-use tool into your existing programmes, or you might want more support, beyond the accreditation, to maximise the impact Maps can make throughout a business. We can help with both.


Enriching your Coaching Programmes

Motivational Maps enable individuals and coaches alike to gain a rapid yet deep insight into what is driving performance.

As a coach, Maps are a valuable tool in your toolkit. Not only do Maps provide measurement so you can monitor the impact of the coaching programme on motivation levels, it also provides a common language through which the enablers and derailers to success can be discovered and addressed at a more profound level.

Also, because so many people are used to seeing their performance viewed through the lens of behaviour, this shift to the lens of motivation brings unexpected and new levels of self-awareness.


Innovative Team and Leadership Development

There are numerous solutions available when it comes to developing teams and leadership. And because humans are so complex and ever changing, one solution definitely does not fit all.

Our experience of using Maps is that it enables a new lens through which to amplify the benefits and usefulness of team and leadership development models such as Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Dr Derek Biddle’s Liberating Leadership. It also complements and expands the benefit of behavioural approaches such as Insights Discovery® and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. We can show you how.


Underpinning Organisational Development

For many, the challenges of workforce transformation have accelerated. Organisation are rethinking workforce design, job architectures, career pathways and development plans and their talent strategy. To support this, they need insights into what makes their people continue to deliver.

Motivational Maps are a simple yet powerful tool and can inform throughout the entire employment life cycle. Let us show you how.



Improve recruitment and candidate selection by allowing both parties to consider how well the candidate’s aspirations and drivers be met by this organisation at this time. Provides additional insight into self-awareness – particularly what drives a person’s behaviour.



Accelerate the onboarding process by enabling team members to get to know each other using a shared language around what drives them - particularly important as we work more virtually.


Personal Development

Enhance self-awareness for individuals. This helps enhance well-being, increase mental fitness, reduce stress and helps the individual to more fully own their own development plans because they know what is driving their own success.


Team Development

Improve synergy by building layers of trust in the team by openly sharing what drives the individuals within it and aligning team members behind a common purpose.


Performance Management

Enable individuals to understand and take responsibility for what is driving their performance and how they motivators enable or derail their contribution. It provides the language through which this important aspect of performance can be confidently discussed.


Reward and Recognition

Communicate renumeration and rewards in a more meaningful way but they can also be used to measure the extent to which existing reward and recognition strategies are valued.


Exit from the business

Enable a smoother ‘farewell’ to an individual by helping them articulate their future plans effectively and ensuring that the person leaves understanding why it is the right time to leave.


Culture and engagement

Align an individual’s motivators to the organisation’s vision, values, behaviours and culture in a more personal and profound way. They also help individuals to understand and engage more powerfully with the impact, results and outcomes of the business.

Other results you can expect in using Motivational Maps

  • Mapping Motivation

    Increased performance through improved wellbeing and feeling valued

  • Mapping Motivation

    Improved communication due to shared common language

  • Mapping Motivation

    Increased synergy resulting from team members understanding and harnessing the motivations that drive team success

  • Mapping Motivation

    More meaningful and relatable internal communications

  • Mapping Motivation

    Better performance management discussions due to a more holistic, human-centred approach

  • Mapping Motivation

    Behavioural change ‘sticks’ as people understand what is driving their actions in the first place

  • Mapping Motivation

    Greater ownership of learning as people know what success looks like to them and what drives this success.

Want to experience Maps for yourself?

“More than ever before, my clients are wanting to talk about motivation. They are asking: how can leaders inspire their team members? What can they do keep people going when times are tough? How might they create development plans that are exciting and challenging? How can they tap into the performance potential of all of the different and diverse personalities?

Motivational Maps has been a key tool for me to help my clients answer these questions and create meaningful plans to make the most of their most valuable asset - their people.

We have used maps with individuals, with teams and across entire organisations to enable us to have conversations that get to the heart of motivation, engagement and culture”.

Claire Osborn, Director, Co-Develop Consulting Ltd

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