Expert Connected Pioneering

Expert and Connected

We are experts in motivation and leadership. We know how to use the power of Motivational Maps® with all aspects of the employment life cycle to deliver meaningful results.

Our Founder, Kate Turner, is a leading expert in motivation in the UK and best-selling author of CREATE Motivation.

As one of only five Senior Practitioners in the world, we have direct and open access to the creator of Motivational Maps – James Sale.

We have been delivering solutions using Motivational Maps since 2006 and our clients include household names such as Novartis Pharmaceuticals, John Lewis Partnership, Alzheimer’s Society and the RSPCA

as well as numerous successful small people development and leadership consultancies.

We have a loyal and growing family of Mappers and are a leading provider of Motivational Maps accreditations in the UK (delivered through our company Motivational Leadership Ltd).


We believe that now is the opportunity to rethink motivation at work. And this follows through into how support our clients in their use of Motivational Maps.

Our development solutions are designed with best practice blended learning in mind and are supported by a rich collection of resources available through our learning hub.

Our online solution to support users of Maps to gain a deeper understanding of their own Map before and after any de-brief they receive.