Why work with us?

Experience - we have been using Motivational Maps since 2006, and work closely with its Creator to ensure we remain up-to-date

Working beyond the theory - we use Motivational Maps or mojo in all our people solutions. That means we know how to use it with real people in real settings.

We know how to ‘wrap the Map’ – ensuring the learning leads to action and results. We elevate the data from ‘interesting’ to ‘useful’.

Expertise - our Founder, Kate Turner, is a leading expert on motivation in the UK and best-selling author of CREATE Motivaton

Small groups - to maximise learning, we work in small groups allowing us to go at your pace, and to answer your questions.

On-going support – we love ‘geeking out’ on Maps so have developed a wealth of ways to keep supporting you

Reputation - we have a loyal and growing family of Mappers and are a leading provider of Motivational Maps and mojo accreditations in the UK (delivered through our company Motivational Leadership)

Pioneering – we love coming up with new, better and different ways of getting the most from Motivational Maps

Blended solutions - we have developed blended learning solutions for our accreditations and to support our Mappers with their workshops