The Team Behind Our Clients

We have an experienced team of People and Organisational Development consultants, trainers, facilitators and coaches ready to help you become a Mapper, reimagine your people strategies or deliver impactful team development sessions.

We’ll make sure you get the most out of your investment in, and use of, Motivational Maps.

Kate Turner BW

Kate Turner

Kate is the founder and director of Motivational Leadership, a published author of CREATE Motivation and a leading expert in motivation in the UK. Kate works alongside leaders who are passionate about creating sustainable change in their organisations. She helps shape and strengthen organisational culture and aligning key behaviours to core values by focusing on motivation.

Motivational Leadership wants to shift the paradigm of motivation and leadership in the workplace. They believe that motivation is an essential ingredient of performance, yet isn’t well understood, or indeed nurtured, by UK Plc. It drives employee engagement and enables cultural change. Kate and her team envision a world where motivation is a natural part of everyday work conversations and used as a means to enable people to, quite simply, love their jobs.

Julie Woodman

Julie is a Coach, Facilitator and Learning Designer who draws on 20+ years of experience as an HR professional delivering complex projects for employers and clients across both private and public sectors.

Julie is a Motivational Maps Business Practitioner and regularly takes the lead in delivering practitioner training to our new Mappers. Fueled by her desire to make a difference, develop innovative approaches, and share her learning and deep knowledge of Maps, Julie makes sure every session she delivers builds the confidence of those she works with.

Julie_Woodman BW

Veronica Reed

Veronica is a Talent & Development Consultant and Coach and is passionate in helping people realise their potential. Having worked in a range of organisations and industries, Veronica combines her commercial insights with a strong understanding of organisational dynamics, leadership concepts and challenges to help people deliver results and foster a happy workplace.

Veronica leads the Maps Accreditations with a direct, honest, insightful and compassionate approach. She works alongside new Mappers to ensure they have the knowledge and confidence to immediately start using Maps and know how they can make a difference.

Bridget Siddle

Bridget is our team co-ordinator and makes sure clients, Mappers and team members alike all have what they need to get the most from the Maps Accreditation – and beyond. Bridget is often the first point of contact for queries from Mappers and always knows where to find the answer to questions.