Shifting the Paradigm of Motivation and Leadership

At Motivational Leadership, we want to shift the paradigm of motivation and leadership in the workplace.

We believe that motivation is an essential ingredient of performance, yet isn’t well understood, or indeed nurtured, by UK businesses. It drives employee engagement and enables cultural change. It changes the human experience of work.

We envision a world where motivation is a natural part of everyday work conversations and used as a means to enable people to, quite simply, love their jobs.

Kate Turner is the founder and director of Motivational Leadership and best-selling author of CREATE Motivation. She is a leading expert in motivation in the UK – one of only five senior Motivational Maps practitioners in the world.

Kate and her team work alongside leaders who are passionate about creating sustainable change in their organisations. They help shape and strengthen organisational culture and aligning key behaviours to core values by focusing on motivation.

“Because, when people love what they do, they do it so much better.”