Become Accredited:
Online Supportive Expert-Led

If you are a Learning and Development professional seeking to become accredited in Motivational Maps or Mojo, you're in the right place!

The goal of our accreditation is simple:

to ensure you are a competent and confident Mapper equipped to make the most of Motivational Maps and/or Mojo in your business.

What to expect

The accreditation is split into two parts:

Our accreditations blend real-time learning with online resources. And we mix just the right amount of theory with the opportunity to practice. We keep our groups small to provide plenty of opportunity to explore questions and share ideas. And we provide on-going support long after the accreditation is finished to make sure you have what you need to keep going and growing with Maps.

Part One: Using Maps with Individuals

Here we will focus on:

  • Mapping Motivation

    why motivation is so important at work

  • Mapping Motivation

    how to analyse Maps so you can add value in 121 debriefs and coaching sessions

  • Mapping Motivation

    how to build action plans

  • Mapping Motivation

    how to help people increase their levels of motivation at work

  • Mapping Motivation

    how to weave motivation into your learning and development ‘offer’

Part Two: Using Maps with Teams

Here, we focus on:

  • Mapping Motivation

    how to interpret Team Maps – turning the data they provide into value-added information

  • Mapping Motivation

    how to hold successful group debrief sessions

  • Mapping Motivation

    how to harness motivation at team level.

At the start of the accreditation, you will receive:

  • Mapping Motivation

    A comprehensive training manual which includes information about Maps, their interpretation and application

  • Mapping Motivation

    A set of Motivator cards and Maps foldout – useful for face-to-face sessions

  • Mapping Motivation

    Access to a portal to be able to create your own Motivational Maps passwords and Team Maps

  • Mapping Motivation

    A copy of the book Mapping Motivation – written by James Sale, the Creator of Motivational Maps

  • Mapping Motivation

    A copy of the book CREATE Motivation – written by Kate Turner, Founder of Motivational Leadership

You will also have access to our online Learning Hub to help you:

  • Mapping Motivation

    Build your knowledge – including copies of the accreditation slides, easy-to-follow videos, a quiz and more

  • Mapping Motivation

    Plan workshops – our guides will help you plan, design and run successful group debriefs

  • Mapping Motivation

    Plan 121 debriefs – here we share with you best practice thinking about how to run 121 debrief sessions that add real value to the individual

  • Mapping Motivation

    How to guides – all you need to know to get going with Maps

Ongoing support

Refresher sessions - to play with new ideas and deepen your knowledge in specific areas

Regular check- ins – where you can use us as your sounding board

‘Always there’ Learning Hub - a resource centre helping you to learn more about Maps and Mojo and how to develop powerful and impactful motivation-focused solutions.

Renewal sessions - confidence in knowing that your skills and knowledge are up to date.

But don't just take our word for it, find out what other people think about becoming Mappers with us.

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“Motivational Maps® is perfect for leaders, coaches and consultants who want to demystify motivation, who recognise that the old methods aren't working, and who are seeking a proven way of putting 'extra fuel in the tank'.

Kate and the team make the accreditation easy and joyful. At first glance, there looks a lot to digest and learn, but they skillfully serve it up in bite-sized chunks, expertly sharing stories that bring the learning to life, and back it up with wonderful online resources. The accreditation assessments are enjoyable and fantastic learning experiences that position you really well for using the tool right away."
Lulu Mungur, Performance and Leadership Coach

CREATE Mastery

For those wanting further support on how to reimagine their current programmes and people strategies through the lens of motivation, we also provide tailored coaching and guidance through our CREATE Mastery programme.

Here, one of our motivation experts works alongside the business to identify ways in which harnessing motivation can deliver measurable benefits to the business. This might be as simple as refreshing Performance Management approaches to reviewing the entire People Strategy.

Contact us to find out more.

CREATE Motivation