The invisible fuel that drives the human experience of work
AND impacts on business results

Motivation is key for people to realise their full potential, bring the ‘human’ more firmly into our experience of work, and improve mental fitness and wellbeing.

All of these are essential if we are to rise to the challenges we are facing in the 21st century.

Whether you’re focused on building engagement, shifting unhelpful behaviours at work, or reimagining the workplace, harnessing motivation is crucial.

We help people harness motivation by using Motivational Maps® - a tool which identifies the order and intensity of nine motivators and the extent to which they are being met. Put simply, Motivational Maps make the invisible, visible.

Why focus on motivation?


higher customer ratings


greater profitability


higher productivity


less absenteeism

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What are Motivational Maps?

Motivational Maps are an ISO accredited online self-perception inventory that focus on motivation – the energy that drives action and ultimately, performance.

Maps enable people to understand motivation at a deeper level – and shows them what they can do to improve resilience, well-being, achieve greater engagement with their work, improve their results and impact positively on work – and life.

"I was thoroughly delighted and surprised by the value we gained through using the Motivational Map tool. I feel like I’ve been tested by every psychometric in the world and this one has a distinctly fresh, open and expanding effect rather than the usual 2 dimensional labelling and categorizing. My brother and I who I work closely with came away with some highly important and specific insights which are perfect to look at right now as our business transforms and grows. We were both laughing, rolling our eyes and spotting stuff that resonated throughout the whole brilliantly facilitated playback conversation with Kate. Definitely feeling the love for this one will be using again and recommending to clients."

Barry Homes, Co-founder Zoom GB

Why look at motivation?

For years, organisations have been seeking ways to build strong positive cultures, develop high levels of engagement and nurture talent. Strong focus has been placed on setting a clear direction of travel (expressed through a purpose, vision and strategy). This answers the question 'What do I need to do?'.

Organisations also have placed a real emphasis on values and how these lead to behaviours that support the strategy. This answers the question 'How do I need to do it?'

It is assumed (hoped?) that this clarity will lead to success.

In our experience, there is a third, vital question to be answered; a question which enables people to become committed to developing and using these behaviours and delivering on these outcomes.

That question is 'Why bother?'

Harnessing motivation is at the heart of what we do. By applying the language and measurement that Motivational Maps provides to a variety of business challenges, we can help you to bring humanity further into the workplace and build sustainable levels of high performance.

Business Case for Motivation

“More than ever before, my clients are wanting to talk about motivation. They are asking: how can leaders inspire their team members? What can they do keep people going when times are tough? How might they create development plans that are exciting and challenging? How can they tap into the performance potential of all of the different and diverse personalities?

Motivational Maps has been a key tool for me to help my clients answer these questions and create meaningful plans to make the most of their most valuable asset - their people.

We have used maps with individuals, with teams and across entire organisations to enable us to have conversations that get to the heart of motivation, engagement and culture”.

Claire Osborn, Director, Co-Develop Consulting Ltd

Claire Osborne